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Enterprise and small business intranets
  • Detailed workflows, navigation, contingency and exception management.
  • Data and event driven screen alerts, email and TXT alerts.
  • Custom document management or integration with existing.
  • Integrated APIs, network and local apps.
  • Low up-front and TCO compared with Salesforce and similar.
  • For Windows, Linux, or Mac based networks.
  • Integration with existing databases and APIs.
  • Automated daily backups and alerts.
  • Support and service by remote access.
LAMP and modern Javascript We work in Python, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, and VBscript – all among the most widely used coding languages in 2019.

Our “stack” is the most widely used, platform agnostic, stable option available. There are no license fees. Our coding is done with minimal obfuscations and dependencies – no behemoth frameworks to age badly. Our source code is an included deliverable, and our apps can grow and evolve without fear of platform obsolescence.