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  • Process management systems for small and mid-sized businesses.
  • Custom workflow and CRMs without platform limitations.
  • Specialized contingencies, automations, and alerts.
  • Low TCO compared to Salesforce and similar.
  • No per-user fees. Host in our cloud for as little as $40/mo,
    or install in-house and avoid recurring fees.
We offer start-to-finish solutions in 4 phases:
  1. Process analysis and project planning – We work with clients to understand functional requirements, system environments, and workflow patterns, and we document them as part of a comprehensive Project Plan.
  2. Project management – We keep a calendar and send you a Gantt chart every week. Our hybrid agile-waterfall approach allows for iterative development within the planned work schedule in the Project Plan.
  3. Top quality development and deployment – Well structured, tested, and extensibile code that can run without modification on a wide variety of Windows and Linux platforms.
  4. Training – User training in real or virtual meeting rooms, and by online videos.
Cost-effective quality:
LAMP and modern Javascript We integrate with Microsoft Office and other applications and data sources, but we build applications to stand the tests of time and growth by using an open source, platform agnostic tool stack. We specialize in Intranet/Internet apps on LAMP, WAMP or MAMP server stacks for independence, stability and cost effectiveness. You'll never need to buy licenses, upgrade versions, or worry about compatibility issues.

Our apps are coded with PHP, Python, Java, Javascript, VBScript and VBA. We employ the MySQL and MariaDb database engines using standard SQL syntax and conventions for database agnosticism. Our user screens are made with HTML5 and CSS, using JQuery and other libraries as needed. All are open-source, reliable, low-cost development tools.

The tests of time can be unmerciful, but in 2018, the above mentioned platforms and tools are arguably the most widely used and stable application platform in existence. Its components are open source and do not require pre-compiled code. Combined with standard coding methods and conventions, this means that our applications will run on common platforms for many years into the future.