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  • Applications for workflow and data management.
  • Specialized designs for clear, uncluttered screens.
  • Shorter learning curves than a CRM.
  • Any or all project phases:
    • Process analysis and project planning to comprehensively document goals, functional requirements, and software specifications.
    • Project management with a hybrid agile-waterfall approach that allows for planned iterative development.
    • Top quality development, well structured and extensibile, using industry standard languages, platforms and conventions.
    • Deployment and training in a real or virtual meeting rooms, and by recorded video.
We integrate data and features with Microsoft Office applications and many others.
LAMP and modern Javascript We specialize in Internet or Intranet apps built on the LAMP server stack: Linux OS, Apache web server, MySQL/MariaDb database, and the PHP programming engine. But our apps can run on Windows and Mac servers too. User screens are made with HTML5, Javascript and Jquery. Data is securely transmitted in a variety of standardized forms (JSON, XML, CSV, EDI) for compatibility with other APIs.

In 2018, LAMP is the arguably the most widely used and stable application platform in existence. Its components are open source and do not require pre-compiled code. Combined with professional coding conventions, this means all application code (provided to customers) is readily accessible for future developers.