Custom Workflow/Intranet Applications
  • We design for your specific processes and data needs:
    • Custom designed screens and workflows.
    • Easy to use built-in reporting tools, charts, and statistics.
    • No bloat. All the admin/config options you'll need, none that you won't.
  • High value, high transparency, low TCO:
    • No platform specialist needed. Easy admin/config tools.
    • Inexpensive cloud hosting options, often under $100/mo.
    • In-network hosting: no hosting fees, no user fees.
  • Portable and platform agnostic:
    • Host on your existing network or in the cloud.
    • Runs on Windows, Linux, or Mac servers.
    • Lean architecture, fast applications.
    • Custom integration with existing databases and APIs.
  • Special automations
    • Data driven triggers.
    • Supply chain integrations.
    • Prediction-driven features.
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LAMP and modern Javascript We build on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Python) or WAMP (Windows instead of Linux) platforms and deliver well-structured source code and data, designed for easy server portability.

Most applications are for any standard browser, full size or smart-phone.