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Workflow Applications and Intranets

Custom built workflow applications have many advantages over subscriptions:

  • Clean, purposeful application design
    • Carefully designed screens and flow
    • Detailed contingencies and process forks
    • Powerful reporting tools, custom reports, charts, and statistics
    • Configuration tools for non-technical administrators
    • Accessible source code for future expansion or modification
  • Lower total cost
    • On-site installations have no monthly costs per user
    • Internet and cloud VPN applications have only hosting, not usage fees.
    • Accessible source code for future expansion or modification
  • Portable and platform agnostic
    • Host on site or in our cloud
    • Runs on Windows, Linux, or Mac based servers
    • Lean architecture, fast applications
    • Custom integration with yoru existing databases and APIs
  • Project management and documentation
    • Consulting and discovery
    • RFP and/or Proposal drafting
    • Progress milestones and regular updates
  • Special automations
    • Data driven triggers
    • Supply chain integrations
    • Prediction-driven features
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LAMP and modern Javascript Coding is done with Python, PHP, SQL, Javascript, and jQuery – the most widely used, platform agnostic, and adaptable coding languages available in 2021. Deliverables include well-structured source code with minimal dependencies and minimal required maintenance. No large, all-purpose frameworks are used, and applications are designed for server portability.