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Project planning and management. Clarity is key.

We use living project plans with an agile-waterfall hybrid approach: Gantt chart

  1. Project Charter - a documented understanding of the purpose, goals, scope and stakeholders for the project, as well as risk management issues.

  2. Communication Plan - a documented understanding of who's responsible for communications consideration and decision making.

  3. Application Specification Plan - a documented full account of application requirements for the project – everything from data models to user interface wireframes.

  4. Work Breakdown Structure - documented work schedule with task-specific requirements and timelines for all aspects of development, may include iterative development cycles.

Drafting the Project Plan.

We work to understand how data and processes work in your business, and what exactly you want to achieve with your help. We drill into the processes themselves, specifying and documenting every required feature and how it fits in the whole. Often we work with your adminstrative or department level staff to be sure that practice fits theory, and we make adjustments along the way. As the saying goes, “The devil is in the details.”

Once the project requirements are well understood and documented, we'll create a Work Breakdown Structure for the development process. This outlines the sequence of required coding tasks along with their resource dependencies and time estimates. Each task has a scheduled beginning and completion date, and are updated with "percent complete" for all tasks at least weekly throughout the project. Our clients see the progress in a weekly report with a quick-read Gantt chart.