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Data transformation

We can connect or update your data sources.

We work with structured data systems like MySQL, MS SQL Server, Sybase, MS Access and FileMaker. We can also start with "flat" data in formats like spreadsheets or CSVs and get data normalized to enable better flexible reporting and notification tools along with fast, scalable applications for the web.

Your data should be an explorable store of information about your business: about your customers, sales, supply lines and internal work processes. It should provide high-level snapshots of what's happening, and be integrated with applications to create time-savings, error reduction and other efficiencies. And where possible, it should trigger or automate action.

The benefit too often forfeited by small businesses is aggregate reporting (or what a lot of people would call statistical reporting), breaking down your sales, complaints, time between process points, or anything else. Properly structured data lets you create grouped data reports with counts, sums and averages used to identify success and problem areas. You should be able to quickly and easily look at any data point and group by values.

If your data is not as useful as you'd like, contact us.